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Artist Statement

My artwork looks like a girl who is writing something. You can see that she got annoyed because she couldn’t fix one mistake she made. The Subject matter for my artwork is about a girl who has OCD and how she has to deal with it. Some Principles of Art that I put into my work is I used movement when it looks like the girl through the pencil down and now it is rolling away.A tool I used in my artwork is colored pencil this is what I used almost everywhere to add color to my artwork. I also used pencil to sketch out the outline of a lot of things in my artwork. Some techniques I used is I to make the trees I colored with a green colored pencil and I made slightly curved lines all the way down and again on the other side and then it looked like a nice tree.What inspired my artwork is the book Finding Perfect is a novel about a 12 year old girl dealing with her mother leaving her father and moving to Toronto on top of that she has to go through finding out she has OCD and has to struggle with the disorder for a long time before anybody helped her. I think my artwork should show that in society today it is considered weird to talk about your mental illness and how awareness for mental illnesses like OCD show spread and talked about more. Some emotions I tried to represent in my artwork is frustration and sadness. A goal I have as an artist is I want to be able to make more realistic drawings. I think this piece helped me reach my goal a little but I have had a hard time drawing things like hands so practicing always helps. This is the final piece I imagined I added a few details when creating the final draft but I am happy with how it turned out. How this piece will influence my future piece is I will more easily be able to draw hands and make more details in my artwork.Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 4.17.41 PM