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Final Project

In this final project, we put everything we learned in class together to make a short video. I wrote the script, drew out the storyboard, brought in props, and edited. The other members of my group primarily acted in the video with some editing and filming. It was hard to start the project because MCAS interfered with our class.

The hardest part of the project was using the iPad and iMovie. Our original iPad did not have enough space for us to open our video files in iMovie, so we had to get a new one and put all our clips on that. Part of our audio got deleted from iMovie, so we had to re-record part of the beginning. The audio clips got out of order in iMovie and they became layered.

The easiest part of this project was figuring out what our crime would be. All of us watched a lot of crime shows already, so we had a lot of ideas to choose from. Inserting the aspects we learned from this class was easy and we could fit them in with our idea.

This project was large and I think it would have been easier if MCAS did not interfere or if we had more time to complete it. It was interesting to make up a crime and then get to write a script and film it.


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