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Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes story and the article I read both focused on observation. An essential part of Holmes’ method to solve crime is by using observational skills. “To both see and observe: Therein lies the secret.” His keen observation skills allow him to solve crimes by merely looking at the crime scene and the victims. In The Crooked Man, Holmes can figure out who murdered the Colonel just by observing the crime scene and listening to the witnesses.

Observation is one of the parts of the scientific method. When an experiment is created, observation can help one understand what is happening and why. Holmes uses this to solve these crimes. The observational stage is a key part of the investigation and it can lead to the answer, or in Holmes’ case, the murderer.

Reading the article and the story, I have learned that I do not observe like Holmes does. I do want to be more observant, but I do not just want to focus on one thing and miss out on everything else. The way Holmes portrays observation make me want it a little less. I think that it would be nice to be more observant than I am, but I would not want to be as observant as Holmes.

I have learned from Holmes that we still use similar methods to solve crimes today. Although we do not just use observational skills, Holmes’ methods of solving crimes are still in use today. Some ideas that were presented in Holmes’ stories eventually became real ways to examine crime scenes and evidence.

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