English Language Arts

Writing True-Trouble Stories in Jumpstart 2020
Published 8/18/2020 in Mrs. Leung's Portfolio Author Mrs. Leung
I have had the pleasure of working with two very cool incoming seventh graders during summer Jumpstart. We've been writing "True-Trouble" stories and turning them into published flip books. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just a few short hours.   read more ❯

The Disappearance
Published 7/13/2020 in Keira's Digital Portfolio Author keiral2023
It was a dark and stormy night, lightning crackled all around. Families locked themselves inside their homes, waiting for the storm to pass in fear that it might destroy them if they let even a finger outside. Pets were hiding under pillows, birds had made an early migration, squirrels hid so far into the trees they might not make it out alive. It was uncontrollable, so strong, so powerful. It could destroy humanity. It would destroy humanity. It held many secrets, ones it would not tell to a single soul, except for one. Only one. The secrets It held were so... read more ❯

The Underlying Connection
Published 5/27/2020 in Zaks' Portfolio Author zacharym2024
Connecting to Wifi, Connecting to the internet, When it doesn’t happen it feels like a threat. We lean on luxuries like they are necessities, Not realizing their redundancy. We center our lives around the things we enjoy doing, privileges, gifts, hobbies and more, But when we spend time with our loved ones it feels like a bore. We all love them deep down in our hearts, Although sharing experiences with them is lacking in our lives, We work hard for the future or for the present. Quarantine has come, isolating us from our hobbies, Trapped in our homes with a lot less to do, We now lean on our... read more ❯

Published 5/26/2020 in Anjou's Portfolio Author anjoue2024
Memories, everyone has them Some good Some bad Now take a look at the past I want you to make those memories Those treasures last All the thoughts, words feelings You once had Are your greatest gift that you receive Memories keep those far apart together Memories make the one you seek right next to you No matter where you are or the pain you ache Memories are always with you For your sake Without them, those dear to you would disintegrate From your mind, your heart and Your soul But you have a gift With this, you can keeps those you treasure neer no matter what the future... read more ❯

Connection in the Chaos
Published 5/26/2020 in Annabelle's Digital Portfolio Author annabellel2024
I wake up at 11 am. Get dressed. Stumble down the stairs. I eat my cereal from the white bowl with the smallest spoon. I drink exactly half a cup of juice. I go back upstairs and lie in my bed looking at my phone until 2 pm. I check my phone. No new notifications. I take a nap. Then I wake up flustered, wondering what time it is. It’s 6 pm. I eat dinner with my family. Mom suggests that we watch a movie or play a game. I tell her I’m too tired and I go back upstairs. I watch tv until I... read more ❯

ELA Short Story for Connections
Published 5/26/2020 in Paige's Portfolio Author paigem2024
Elena sits on the couch in her apartment’s living room as she mindlessly scrolls through her phone’s contacts, deleting the multitude of people she no longer remembers off of the list. The room is small like the rest of the apartment, but the walls are covered in pictures of friends, artsy photos, and paintings that give it a lived-in and cozy feel. The door to the apartment clicks open as her partner, Ryley, comes through the door, giving Elena a wave as a way of greeting. They tiredly drop off their bag against the wall of the room before collapsing... read more ❯

Connections Writing Project
Published 5/21/2020 in Jenna's Portfolio Author jennat2025
The first source is called “Rainbow Connections” followed by “Excerpt from Believing in Horses” by Valerie Ormond, and last but not least is “Clownfish and Sea Anemone” These three sources show that Everyone needs each other, and is not alone. First, in the video “Rainbow Connections” rainbows need sunshine and rain. An example is that life has positives and negatives. Some people have stereotypes, like sunshine is a positive day. And rain is a negative day. When we put those days together it doesn’t just form a rainbow, it shows us that humans are not always positive or negative. Plants and... read more ❯

The Tale of Two Friends
Published 5/21/2020 in John's E-Portfolio Author John
Two years ago, on this very day, Two friends were forced to depart. As each went on their separate way, Their friendship tore apart. Except the last statement that was said Wasn’t entirely true. For each held each other in their hearts And knew that their friendship wasn’t through. Days and weeks flew by in a blur, And the two friends started to grow older; But they still didn’t forget what they had When they both had turned their shoulders. Finally, one friend decided that he wanted to see the other, So he went searching for the one he had missed. He decided to go home to the place where it started, And what... read more ❯

Connections During Covid
Published 5/21/2020 in Sophia's Digital Portfolio Author sophiaw2027
The leaves are connected to the trees Your arms are connected to your body The flowers are connected to their stems You are connected with other people Now you may not be But we still need to be connected Like the leaves are connected on the trees Try to stay connected with other people Connectivity will help us all get through It is the least you can do read more ❯

Published 5/21/2020 in Saanvi's Digital Portfolio Author saanvig2025
~Introduction~ What is connection? Connection may have many meanings such as internet connection, computer connections, or other terms. But in this hard time most of us focus on one part of connection, which is how we all share what we have in common to find ways to keep in touch and stay together no matter where we are. We all can help each other out and connect in this hard time. This article will give you the essentials on how food connects and brings us together through sharing... read more ❯