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Stockton Case Study

Reading through all of the Stockton cases it was to my surprise at how little ballistics evidence was needed, in order to come up with a verdict. For example, Gun Number 7. The only evidence at the crime scene found was a small copper jacket fragment, matching the small piece to the .44 caliber revolver. Also Case Number 33, a small brass case was found in an alleyway in Stockton, California. The piece was sent to the NIBIN lab to further research the fragment found. It was a match leading to two arrests giving closure to the families. I believe ballistics evidence is a Image result for stockton ballisticspowerful piece of evidence in a case. What are the odds of multiple shootings during the same time of day on the exact date? They are very rare, finding a bullet or even gun is close to crucial in a case. It is a powerful piece of evidence to prove guilty. A gun purchased by the criminal and used by the criminal to commit a crime is a large piece of evidence in a case. It links the suspect to the guilty.


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