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The Fabric Lab

The fabric lab proved that the two different kinds of fabrics have very distinct characteristics. Natural fabrics are originate from animals or plants. Such as wool coming from sheep and cotton deriving from the cotton plant. Synthetic fabrics are man made such as nylon and polyester. I found that natural fabrics have a large filament number, too many to count. While, synthetic fabrics have a very low filament number making them easy to distinguish while looking under magnification. The fabrics acted differently under the environment of fire. Synthetic melted easily some, before touching the flame. The natural fabrics burned or smoldered. Each fabric had a distinct scent while in the process of burning, melting, or smoldering. The fabrics acted differently while experimenting with water also. The natural fabrics tended to have a much higher water retention percentage. Ranging from 50%-62%. While synthetic fabrics had a water retention percentage ranging from 0%-33%. Fabrics from a natural source and man – made source act very differently in the same environments as each other.

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