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Reflection on ELA. (Mirrors… EVIL)

So I gotta be completely honest. At the beginning of the school year I feared ELA. I thought ELA would just be a lot of boring junk about grammar and famous writers and reading. I just wanted to get through at the beginning. But after a least 2 months of prompts and fun projects I started to kinda like ELA. Don’t get me wrong there were still some annoying projects but not as much as I thought there were going to be. One of my favorite projects in ELA had to be the independent writing project. It was part of the third period and it was a blast to do. The independent writing project was basically Ms. Leung (my teacher) telling us to dump our imagination on a blank canvas. At first, I was so excited that I was gonna finally get to write a fictional story. But the one bad thing about fiction is you don’t know where to start. My mind had a truckload of ideas about stories and little worlds all in my head. I wanted to start there, I wanted to start here; my mind was in a jumble of thoughts. I was frustrated that I couldn’t choose one single idea. It was like asking a parent to pick their favorite child and they had like 12 kids. But alas, I finally found the idea; it felt like found gold–well, writing gold, of course. My idea flourished and I couldn’t stop writing. It was like I was living in that world I’ve created adding new adventures and things to explore. Expanding the ever so infinite landscape of my imagination. Every time I lost inspiration I felt like a bird without wings. But was as one loses they also gain. Without my wings I walked and then I ran.

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