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Human Impact on the Earth Project



For my human impact art project, I created an image of the future depicting the world as a smog filled and polluted place. The image shows a room with a single table on the wall is a picture of what the world used to look like showing a tree. There is also a window showing the current world with lots of air pollution and factories. I created this work to show what the world will look like if humans do not make some sort of change. This will inform the public about their futures and serve as a warning. I felt that showing the current world and previous would make the project more meaningful. I thought that using the picture to convey the worlds previous self would help make the issue stand out. I chose sketching materials to make the image look duller. This helped to highlight the idea that the future will be dull and dreary. The only portion of my artwork that I would change is the lack of color on the picture of the tree. Adding color would help show that the world was once a colorful place full of life. When creating this piece I learned new shading and perspective techniques.


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