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Artsy artist statement

                    Artist statement


My artwork is a car that is polluting the earth with its exhaust. The subject matter of my art piece is the car. The artwork uses a pen and ink style to show detail and depth. I also used water paint in some areas to show more dark detail and depth. The most obvious parts of my piece are the car and the dead trees. I used different lines, thickness, and patterns to show the surface detail.


My artwork is made from paper and pen. I used a pen to draw. I used many different lines and patterns in drawing. I shaded some areas very dark and others a light grey. I mainly came up with the design as a went. My goals are to communicate with the world about pollution, and how we need to stop it before it destroys our planet. When I created my project I learned about the Earth and the effects of pollution. This piece came out as I hoped and I like this artwork. This will influence me for future styles I choose for artwork.

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