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Watercolor Lotus Flower

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.38.22 PM

I made a lotus flower for my watercolor painting project. The petals are light pink and some are darker to give it a shade of different colors. The background is a light blue with a violet-blue ring around the flower. Some dots are at the north and south of the ring as well as dots on the top right petal. For the leaf and stem of the flower, I used dark green. My watercolor lotus flower painting was created by using different techniques like wet on wet and using salt to give it texture. I used different size paint brushes too when I was painting. I used different shades of pink and green watercolors to give it a more realistic look as well as volume to the petals. I was also inspired by the Hindu aspect of the lotus flower and how they have the letter or design around it so I incorporated that. My goals for this artwork were to just accomplish a realistic look of the flower and use different shades to give the flower volume and color. I wanted to incorporate the Hindu culture of this flower which I did by adding the design of the ring. Overall I am not fully proud of it but I am satisfied. I wished I was able to incorporate more of the outlined feature of the flower but the paint bent a little bit so I wasn’t able to do that. But this did inspire me to do more like this and I liked it.