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Artwork because I am legally required by law to show it here. Also I am legally required to tell you my origin story.


My artwork is supposed to look like me with symbols for other stuff such as a tree, clover, and the Lorax. The title of my work is called Portrait. On my piece of art, I used an instrument for writing or drawing to sketch a basic outline for the bigger image I created, then covered it with multiple drawing utensils such as markers, colored pencils, and Sharpe. My artwork shows stuff that relates to me such as the tree being there since I’m tall, The Lorax being there for the trees and also trees keep us alive and pepper since I like spicy foods. This project or piece of art helped me draw better objects like things you naturally see such as clovers, trees, and more. Overall I think that this art piece is pretty good I will rate it 11/10 would draw again.