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Artist Statement


WaterColor Artist Statement

Roman Cirignano


My watercolor creation looks very soft with the colors starting to fade. I like how it looks because it kind of adds an effect that it is foggy out. Also, there is a variety of colors from blue, orange, brown, yellow, and green. The two most common colors you can see on this project are orange and blue. I made a pumpkin with very soft orange which I like. The sky is a very abstract blue with different shades and swirls all around it. I created my art by Also, I was thinking about going for something simple yet attractive and I was originally going to create a watermelon but then I started thinking about the season we created these in: Fall. I thought “what plants are popular in fall?” and then I realise this: Fall-halloween-pumpkins.The big idea behind this project is that I wanted to create something that is easy to the eyes and pretty to look at. My work expresses my relationship to the season of fall and the end of the summer. It displays a simplistic representation of one o the most popular plants that is grown in fall. Also, I live by many farm stands and farm-fresh shops so I always see pumpkins when ever I leave my house in fall.My goals for this artwork were to finish on time and create a grade-worthy project. This project helped me to progress as an artist and help develop my watercolor skills. While this piece of art was good, it wasn’t great. I feel like it could’ve been cleaner especially around the edges.My overall thoughts are that this project was fun to do and that the overall outcome of my art was alright, but it definitely wasn’t perfect. I learned that painting definitally isn’t as easy as it looks in oficial paintings, especially with watercolors. Also, watercolors aren’t as bold as paint and that the colors will not show up as well. Another thing is that there are many different techniques you can use to paint with watercolors.That is my artist reflection of the watercolor plant-painting project!