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World On Fire


webcam-imageMy artwork is a world on fire from global warming. It has a clock in the middle and it it ticking away to the point where the earth can not return to the way it was. I call it the Countdown. My goals were to push myself and try painting.

  My thoughts on my project I’d that it came put decent. The paint is a little messy but the colors are nice with each other. I liked the concept of the Earth as a clock.


1.)Why did you create this artwork?

        I created this artwork because I think it represents how close we are getting to the point of no return. I also wanted to try painting.

  2.) Why did you chose to do this image?

        I chose to do this image because I think it conveys that we don’t have a lot of time left before some serious consequences on our Earth from global warming.

  3.) Why did you choose to use certain materials?

       I chose to use paint because I’ve never really used paint and I’m not very good at it. I wanted to try to get better at it.

    4.) What would you change?

              I would change how neat it looks. The paint is a little messy because I’ve never really painted before and I was trying something new.

      5.) Does your artwork convey emotions?

             No not really

      6.) What did you learn throughout this piece?

       I learned that I need to work on my painting

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