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Groton Memorial Town Forest


Established in 1922 as a memorial to Groton Men who gave their lives in the Great War for the use and benefit of the people in Groton

The kiosk project started back in 2016 with a two thousand dollar, online funding initiative. Several long days were spent cutting timber, laying the foundation and installing the shingled roof and frame.

Those who visit the forest frequently know the the tangled network of cart roads and twisting hiking trails can easily disorient hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians sometimes leading to rescue calls to local emergency response teams. Thanks to Patrick, the memorial Kiosk contains much enlarged and improved trail maps. Additionally, Patrick created eleven highly crafted wooden sign posts to label the major trails and fire roads that traverse the forest.

Patrick has been in scouts for over a decade and is a member of the West Groton Troop.

Photos by Jon O’Connor/GDRHS Art Dept. Patrick in June 2017 sanding the Kiosk and the completed kiosk.

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