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7th Grade Poetry Portfolio: Reflection

21 April 2015


Dear Ms. Maio,

The poem that I consider to be my best is my riddle because I used a lot of metaphors and synonyms.  For example, “a rear that squirrels have,” would be a tail.  Though some words might throw the reader off, once you think about it, it begins to make sense.  “the value that man itself prides” and “and stands for a half of a half“ are examples that readers might not think important, but those lines I think are most important.

I could have used better rhyming words and better wording in my other poems. One poem that would have benefitted from better wording would have been my villanelle poem.  Sometimes the words are crammed in or don’t belong, but I leave it instead, like “go back to school, with an empty but clean slate”.  Instead, I could of written “go back to school, with a clean empty slate,”.  This doesn’t throw in words, and it sounds much better.

Writing poetry has affected me as a writer because of the difficulty of writing one.  Before this unit, I thought it would be easy to write a poem, but as it progressed, I began to see how hard it is to have all words fit, appropriate rhyme and rhythm, and for it to make sense all at the same time.  The poetry unit has helped me develop better wording skills, like looking up a better word than good or small.  I enjoyed this unit, and I am satisfied with the results.


Patrick Daly


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