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Google Forms Helps Students Review for American Revolution Quiz

I never used Google Forms before and was a little hesitant to try it since it seemed intimidating.  However, I have to say it was really easy to use.   I decided to use it to create a quiz for my students as a review for an upcoming test on the American Revolution which is a social studies standard in third grade.  To get the students involved in this process, I had the students work in pairs to come up with a question and the corresponding multiple choice answers.  Because I work with younger students, I decided to input the questions and answers myself to save time (and aggravation!).   Then the students took the quiz.

What I loved about this project was that it gave me a “dipstick” on how well my students understood the material I had presented.  It also provided individual feedback to each student which helped them focus on certain curriculum areas for the upcoming test.  In addition, students had to really think about what they knew about the American Revolution when formulating their question and answers.  I have to say, they took it seriously and came up with questions that really tested a student’s knowledge of the American Revolution!

I can certainly see myself creating Google Forms to create quizzes for other subject areas since they were quick and easy to create and provided a review for the students.  I would love to do a similar form with my students for other content areas such as when we study Pilgrims and Wampanoags as well as for the solar system.  The only holdup in doing so would be availability of the Chromebooks since currently all the third grade classes in my building share one cart, which can get a little tight a times.  Also, typing the questions was a little time-consuming for me but I’m hoping that since the students have been working on their typing skills, this shouldn’t be an issue going forward.


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