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Huntington’s Disease

The Huntington’s Disease case study is about a young college Sophomore who is studying science and finds that her uncle has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and they must start trying to help around with his care. She immediately begins to research the disease to help herself better understand what her uncle is going through. Huntington’s Disease is a degenerative genetic disease that affects the nervous system and doesn’t typically affect the person until they reach their forties. At first the person operates just fine and is living a normal life however, once they reach a certain age they will begin to exhibit symptoms. A person with Huntington’s Disease will begin to have twitchy motions, make strange facial expressions, and have lesser motor skills that might result in accidents. Soon enough the disease completely destroys the nervous system and the person is unable to operate on their own. There isn’t sufficient information on the disease to cure it however there are things that scientists are sure of such as the fact that excitotoxicity has something to do with it as well as complications with the mitochondria.

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