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Careers In Genetic

Some of the possible careers available in genetics right now are the standard geneticist that works in and studies human genetics on a daily basis. They look at genes and try to see which disease or human characteristic that specific gene can be linked to and control. Another career would be a genetic counselor who informs parents on their genes and whether or not they should pursue having a child naturally or go on to adopt or possible use a surrogate. Being a genetic counselor appeals to me because I would want to be able to help parents plan for a healthy child rather than go  a take the risk of passing on a fatal or incurable disease to their child sometimes without even knowing that they could pass on such  gene. However I believe that a lot of growth going into the genetic field will be going into the study and work with genetic editing of cells to prevent to disease in a child with parents who might pass it down to them. This is a new concept to the science world and there is still a lot of work to be done involving the research of the topic before it can begin to be a viable and available way to prevent disease in the lives of everyday people. It will be even longer before it is provided at a cheap enough price for anyone to get the procedure done and protect their future children from getting a parents disease and continuing the history of a certain disease in a family.


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