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Top 5 things I learned in ELA

  1. Poetry
  2. Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  3. Paraphrasing, citing evidence
  4. Writing a Thesis
  5. Tone and Mood

The “Five Elements of Poetry Analysis” was helpful because I never understood Poetry before and I understand it better now that I’ve been through that lesson.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing lessons were helpful because now I can make a better summary and also I know how to paraphrase and why its different than summarizing.  Paraphrasing and Citing Evidence lessons were helpful because I have a better understanding of how to cite evidence from a source.  Writing a Thesis lessons were helpful because I always was bad at writing a Thesis and I can write one better now that I’ve learned that.  Tone and Mood was helpful because I never really understood those and I now know the difference and what they do to help the writing piece.


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