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ELA 2015-2016 school year

“Boggle vs Scrabble” three paragraphs response was one of my favorite writing pieces. One paragraph in specific I thought was very well done.

        Julia Turner is a great writer and shared many great points and claims. One, however, stood out to me as the one that pushed me over the edge. This quote was in paragraph thirteen where Julia Turner cites Will Anderson saying “ Boggle is much faster paced. Boggle is definitely the livelier of the two games.” He then continues to say “ Boggle is definitely a great, interesting game with millions of permutations. It’s quite shocking that there is no competitive scene.” This quote stood out to me because it is no longer just Julia Turner defending Boggle. Will Anderson, a nationally ranked Scrabble player is defending Boggle. It would be tough for a reader that thinks Scrabble is better to oppose Will Anderson’s argument because they respect him as a great Scrabble player. I thought it was very smart thinking by Julia Turner to include this in her writing.

This is the link to my Powtoon. I included this because I really enjoyed the Powtoon project because instead of writing we kind of changed it up and did video presentations.

The other piece of writing I liked this year was my independent writing project. We were allowed to write about anything we want.





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