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Come To Ogunquit, Maine

Are you  thinking about going on vacation? Do you have a vacation spot? You should  go to Ogunquit, ME. Ogunquit is the best vacation spot. Ogunquit is the best vacation spot  because it’s very relaxing and quiet, the beaches are gorgeous, and you can do a lot of fun stuff. Did you know about 950 people go to Ogunquit a year?

One reason that Ogunquit is the best vacation spot is because it’s very relaxing and quiet. For example, when I was at the beach I fell asleep on the beach because it was so relaxing and quiet. This shows Ogunquit is relaxing and quiet.  One time, I was walking in the center of town and I felt I was in an abandoned town but I wasn’t,  because it was so relaxing and quiet.  Another  example, if you live in the city it would be perfect to go to Ogunquit to get away from all the noise and traffic. The population according to Wikipedia in 2014 was 912. That proves that it is very quiet. It is very relaxing and quiet especially on the beach. Everytime I’m on the beach at Ogunquit, all I hear is the waves crashing onto the shore. All I see is people splashing through the water. All I feel is the sand between my fingers and toes. All I smell is the salty water and the fluffy sand. All I taste is a delicious ice cream at a nearby ice cream shop. Now do you believe me that Ogunquit is so relaxing and quiet? I know I would.


Another reason that  Ogunquit is the best vacation spot is because of the gorgeous beaches. Do you know what Ogunquit means? It means “beautiful place by the sea”. That proves Ogunquit has gorgeous beaches. Ogunquit has turquoise water and golden sand. It is so gorgeous to walk on the beach at sunrise. One time, I was walking on the beach with my nana and papa. While I was walking I caught something out of the corner of my eye, I yelled, “Look at that!” My nana and papa’s head whipped around. All we saw was a gorgeous sunset. For instance, Ogunquit Beach is one of the top 10 prettiest beaches in Maine (It is actually the second prettiest beach

Ogunquit Beach at low tide


in Maine). Now do you believe me that Ogunquit has gorgeous beaches? I know I would.


Thirdly, Ogunquit is the best vacation spot because you can do a lot of fun stuff. Like go to the Ogunquit Playhouse, or go kayaking on the Ogunquit River, or go to the beach, or go on the Breakfast Cruise. One time, I went on the Breakfast Cruise. My brother and I were sharing a seat.  “Look at the baby seals!” my brother shouts. I look down and there are two baby seals bobbing in and out of the water by the boat. Another time, my sister and I were crabbing. My sister found a tremendous crab! My nana and mom go to the Ogunquit Playhouse every year.  Last year they saw Grease. I love going kayaking on the Ogunquit River. It is SUPER fun. Now do you believe me that Ogunquit has a lot of fun stuff to do? I know I would.

Well I just gave you three reasons why Ogunquit is the best vacation spot and there are so many more. Do you want to come to Ogunquit  after reading my essay? I know I would. Well I got to go. I just finished packing my bags. So bye I’m going to Ogunquit. I hope I see you there.

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  1. Kylee, you did great job on this story!! If, I wasn’t already so familiar and in love with Ogunquit this essay would’ve persuaded me to go for sure! In fact, after reading this essay it gets me really excited for our summer trip!


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