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What If Human Impact Artist Statement

Keira Walsh
March 5 2019

Q: Why did I create this work?
A: I created a piece of painted blue cardboard with styrofoam hot glued onto. The blue paint is supposed to represent the arctic ocean waters. The styrofoam represents the ice. I chose this to convey climate changes effect on the ice on the world.

Q: Did you choose to use a certain subject or matter?
A: The what if I chose to show was the melting ice sheets in the arctic. The polar caps are the Earth’s built in AC, it keeps the Earth cool. Remove the ice caps, then the earth will start to heat up. The ice caps are also a home to many creatures like polar bears and penguins, depending on where you are. There habitats are melting each day. They will most likely got extinct if there is no more ice and no adaptations have been made

Q: Why did you choose certain materials?
A: I choose to use cardboard for the base because it is easy to access and paint. I choose acrylic paint because it is easy to create the right colors and cover a large surface in a short amount of time. The paint I used to had the right tint to it to make the “water” look real. I chose styrofoam to hot glue on because it has a natural ice look to it. Also, styrofoam would be easy to access and hot glue. The size of it made it easy to piece everything together.

Q: Would you change anything of your artwork? Why?
A: I probably would change my artwork a little. I would of liked to have more larger styrofoam pieces because the “ice” is a little sloppy. I would have liked it to look a little neater with the placement of it. Other than that, I like my art the way it is.

Q: Does your artwork convey any emotions?
A: My artwork might convey some emotions. I think that the emotions it conveyś will be in the ice, showing how it is getting smaller.

Q:What did you learn through creating this piece?
A: I didn’t learn anything scientific through creating this artwork. I already learned what I needed through my science project we previously did on climate change before art. I learned on non scientific thing though. I learned that hot gluing small styrofoam piece’s is a pain.

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