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Ballistics Reflection

Based on all of the ballistics activities done in class, I have concluded that ballistics requires a great amount of patience, precision, and perseverance, and that it is easy to make errors in attempting to match bullets. I learned a lot about ballistics from the powerpoint, which included related vocabulary, procedures, and general concepts. I learned about the different types of firearms and their various parts, what kind of traces they leave upon being fired, and how they can be identified. I also learned that it is difficult to get a perfect match between bullets, because the striations are viable to change due to many different factors. The barcode matching activity was relatively easy, but I found the online bullet matching activity to be a lot more challenging, because it was difficult to keep track of all of the different striation patterns. Some of them were almost impossible to distinguish from one another, and others seemed largely dissimilar to any of the possible matches. For this reason, I think that the best way to identify bullets is with the help of a computer, which will minimize error. Although I was not able to get any matches with the online activity, I learned about the importance of ballistics in forensic science and its vitalness in solving cases involving firearms.


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