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Final Forensics Video

Here is our final project…I hope you enjoy it. It was very fun to make.

Forensics Final Project Script

Scene 1
Andrea:Agent Whitney
Dispatcher:Neighbors said they heard gunshots and saw suspicious activity outside of 102 Main Street.
Andrea:Alright I’ll be right there, this is gonna be a bad one.

Scene 2
Location:Crime Scene
Andrea: FBI open up! Clear. Clear.
Cary:I’ll start taping.
Andrea:Yeah he’s dead. Alright be careful over there it looks like he has a bullet wound to the leg. Blunt force trauma to the forehead.
Cary: Yikes.
Andrea: I don’t think he was killed in here, by the amount of blood in the hallway I think he was dragged.
Cary: Yeah, someone must’ve.
Andrea: Wow, this could be a possible murder weapon. Look at all the blood on it.
Cary: Oh yeah
Andrea: Let’s document this.
Cary:Yup and theres 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bullets, 5 bullets were fired. Oh you’re stepping on the knife.
Andrea: Oh jeez! I didn’t see any stab wounds on our victim.
Cary: Nor did I, based on it’s location it looks like it could have been used for self defense. Let’s take some DNA. That will be used for evidence.

Scene 3
Location:Crime Lab
Andrea: So these are some possible guns that will match the bullet found at the crime scene.
Cary: Okay. Let’s test them all and see which one matches.
Andrea: So let’s compare these bullets to the one found at the crime scene.
Cary: Okay, the striations don’t match and the colors aren’t the same for this one.
Andrea: So it’s not that one.
Cary: It’s not this one either, the striations aren’t right.
Andrea: That one doesn’t have any striations and that one has two.
Cary: This one too it doesn’t have any striations and the colors are completely different.
Andrea: Yup
Cary: Oh look, this ones the same.
Andrea: Wow this is the murder weapon.

Scene 4
Location:Crime Lab
Andrea:Did you have any luck with those fingerprints?
Cary: Yeah I got some fingerprints off the bat.
Andrea: Alright, should we run it through the database?
Cary:Yeah. It belongs to someone named Immas Htims.
Andrea: Okay, I’ll look into that.
Cary: Okay.

Scene 5
Location:Crime Lab
Andrea: Did you find anything conclusive about the blood on the knife?
Cary: Well it doesn’t belong to the victim. I’m going to go check the database to see if it belongs to Immas Htims.
Andrea: Okay.
Cary: It belongs to Immas Htims.
Andrea: I did some research on Immas Htims and I found out that her son was a patient of the victim.
Cary:She’s definitely our number one suspect.
Andrea: Yeah, especially because he died under the doctors care. That’s what she looks like.
Cary: Okay, let’s get her.
Andrea: Let’s go bring her in.

Scene 6
Andrea:Immas Htims, you have the right to remain silent
Sammi: What’s going on?
Andrea: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Sammi: No, No.
Andrea: You have the right to an attorney.
*Sammi screams*

Scene 7
Location: Interrogation
Andrea: Watch it. Alright Ms. Htims, can I call you Immas?
Sammi: No.
Andrea: Alright Immas, here’s how it’s going to go down, you’re going to tell me what I want to know, and maybe I’ll help you out.
Sammi: No comment.
Andrea: Where were you on April 5?
Sammi: Grieving the loss of my son.
Andrea: Do you have a witness who can verify that?
Sammi: No.
Andrea: That’s a pretty tough alibi to have. So where were you then?
Sammi: I was there i cannot deny it, I was looking for the autopsy report.
Andrea: Did you see the doctor at all?
Sammi: No he was not in his home.
Andrea: So you admit to breaking and entering?
Sammi: Yes.
Andrea: Hmm okay, well he was found dead in his house.
Sammi: I can’t tell you why.
Sammi: Doctor Gordon.
*Gordon Gasps*
Sammi: You killed my son.
(End of flashback)
Andrea: Well our reports say it happened between 6 and 7 p.m.
Sammi: Your report is wrong.
Andrea: What time were you there?
Sammi: Around 5.
Sammi: What have I done?
(End of Flashback)
Andrea: Why would you be at the doctors house?
Sammi: The doctor killed my son. Don’t you understand that?
Andrea: The doctor did everything he could to save your son. But now look what happened to him.

Scene 8
Location: Interrogation (day 2)
Andrea: Alright Immas are you ready to cooperate today?
Sammi: We’ll see.
Andrea: So why don’t you tell me about your son.
Sammi: He was just 6 years old when Dr. Platt killed him.
Andrea: There was nothing Dr. Platt could do, you realize that right?
Sammi: It was a conscious decision, Dr. Platt killed my son.
Andrea: That sounds like motive to me.
Sammi: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Andrea: Well I think you do because your fingerprints were found at the crime scene.
Sammi: I told you I was there I was looking for the autopsy report.
Andrea: Your blood was also found there.
Sammi: I tripped and fell up the stairs.
Andrea: Then why wasn’t the blood found on the stairs.
Sammi: Well, it didn’t bleed until I got up the stairs.
Andrea: It’s ironic how the blood was found right next to a knife.
Sammi: I’ve never seen the knife before.
Andrea: Really?
Sammi: Yes.
Andrea: Because it had your blood all over it and I highly doubt that you would be able to bleed on that knife from your wound that you got falling up the stairs without noticing that it was there.
Sammi: I was very shaken up that day I’m surprised I even noticed I was bleeding.
Andrea: Here’s what I think happened, I think you were upset about your son’s death and you wanted someone to blame it on, so you chose Dr. Platt, because you felt like he was responsible. So you went to his house when you were upset and you killed him, look what you did to him. Look at it.
Sammi: You’re jumping to conclusions.
Andrea: No, you did this to him.
Sammi: You’re jumping to conclusions.
Andrea: No I’m not. Here’s what’s going to happen, I’ll make a deal with you. If you admit to the murder of Dr. Platt, I’ll find your sons autopsy reports and I’ll see if foul play was involved.
Sammi: I admit it, I did it, I killed Dr. Platt.
Andrea: Is that a confession?
Sammi: Yes.
Andrea: Alright come on Ms. Htims. Case Closed.

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  1. Hi Gordon…I fixed the YouTube video issue and I also took out the Google Doc embed and just copied/pasted the content into the post. Let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks for giving this portfolio system a try!

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