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Ballistics Lab

The ballistics unit proved to be very engaging. The job of a ballistics specialist is extremely detail-oriented and meticulous. We used a simulation online to attempt to match 4 bullets to 4 reference bullets. A bullet is super difficult to match, because it is a clyndrical object. There is no direct face, or place that can isolate certain ridges. It is a continum. The bullets are often rusted, dirty, or mishaped from impact, so there is never a full match. This means that analysts must be confident enough in relativity to declare a bullet a match. Reference bullets are huge help in ballistics. The bullet fired from a gun in a lab setting is the only true confirmation of the match between weapon and bullet. The commonalities in striations and deformations are then scourged in order to determine matches and “unique” qualities. The use of references and databases are critical in weapon analysis.


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