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Top 5 things I learned in ELA this year


5. Thesis statements- Learning about thesis statements helped me a lot with my writing, it improved my introductions and summing up my piece.

4. Summaries- Improving my summaries helped me improve my reading, \summaries are very important when you are thinking about what you just read.

3. Descriptive Paragraphs- Learning more about descriptive paragraphs really improved my writing, since description is so important when you are writing.

2. Introduction Idol- I think that Introduction Idol was a great, fun, way to learn about and improve your introductions. Not only did you get feedback from a variety of people, you got inspired by the ones that were voted as the best!

  1. Quoting and citing evidence- Quoting and citing evidence is probably the most important thing I learned in ELA all year. Knowing how to quote and cite evidence from text properly is a skill that is important when you are writing essays, a book report, or are analyzing paragraphs or poems.

Thanks to Mrs. Leung, I have learned so many useful skills that I will use in the future.

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