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Case study 3 Ramirez



You will need to research the case of Richard Munoz Ramirez (The “Night Stalker”) and answer the following questions.

I Background:  Detail the following:

  1. Where was he from? El Paso, Texas
  2. Who was his family? seven siblings, born to Mercadies and Julian Ramirez,
  3. Who influenced him greatly in a negative way? Older cousin who was a veteran green beret who murdered his wife.
  4. What was his education?

Dropped out of school freshman year of high school

II The Crimes

  1. Briefly describe the crimes. Rape, torture, and murder
  2. How many people did he kill? 13 people
  3. What were the dates of his crime spree? First known murder was June 28, 1984 the last murder before getting caught was August 24, 1985
  4. Where did these crimes take place? California
  5. What was his motive? Ramirez says he killed people for the devil.

III Evidence

  1.       What type of forensic evidence did Ramirez leave behind at the scene of his       crimes?

Ramirez left his fingerprints on a car during his last murder

  1.       After reading about his crimes, did you expect to find more or less evidence left behind by Ramirez?

I expected him to leave more evidence since he wasn’t educated so he I would have thought he would forget to clean something.  Also he wouldn’t know the way the police collect data so he wouldn’t know how to cover his tracks perfectly.

  1.      How did the suspect become a suspect (what finally led to Ramirez)?

When they identified the last murder victims stolen car with his prints all over the car.

IV Results and Discussion

  1.      Describe the legal outcome, including appeals if any were made

He got 19 sentences to death. There were an endless amount of appeals including one to have the Judge removed from the case.

  1. How did Ramirez die?  How long after his conviction was this?

By natural causes in prison.  24 years after his conviction

X Reflection

What elements of the crime do you think make it famous?

His worship to Satanism, how brutal he was to his victims and how he only attacked at the wee hours in the morning.

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