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Artist Statement

I created this artwork because I wanted to show how animals are impacted by climate change. I chose this certain subject because I wanted to show how the glaciers are melting and as a result, the animals are losing their habitat. I chose to use these certain materials because I felt like I wanted to tissue paper and pastels because they worked well with the project.
I would maybe change how much pollution there was and have the water look more realistic, but other than that I don’t think I would change it that much. It conveys how animals are losing their habitats due to the climate so it shows what the animals are losing, and what they go through. I learned about the impact of climate change and how it can have a lot of negative impacts on the animals.

What did I learn?
I learned about the fast melting of the glaciers and how it is not good and how rapid the process is. “From 1941 to 2004, the front of the glacier moved back about seven miles while its thickness decreased by more than 2,625 feet, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.” (Dramatic Glacier Melt)

“Most believe that human activity, in particular, the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, have influenced this warming trend.” (The Big Thaw) Due to these conditions, the animals are not ok either, they are suffering and so is our planet.


Pollution Project with artist statement
Pollution Project with artist statement

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