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Art flower thing


The flower is called a balloon flower. It is a blue-purple flower with light pink ends and a black circle in the middle with a yellow stigma. It also has dark purple petals. The background is a green and blue mix. 

The technique I used was wet on dry. I painted my flower first and then painted the flower. The last thing I painted was the stem and leaves. 

A connection is that in science we studied flower and the reproduction of them. I choose this flower because it’s a very nice flower in real life. We also went on a field trip to Tower Hill and we looked at a lot of different flowers. 

The goal of this picture is to use one watercolor technique and to make a flower with it. Yes, it did help me reach my goal of using one watercolor technique. 

I learned how to use the watercolor techniques and how to paint a flower in a good way. This is how I imagined my final piece. My plan and the final product were the same. I now know how to use the wet on dry watercolor technique.