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What did you find  interesting in this movie?


I found the amount of specific, scientific investigation very interesting. So much detail and precision went into examining every shred of evidence. I also found it interesting that the jury chose to find Kevin Neal guilty when the evidence was beginning to point heavily towards his innocence.

What do you wonder about that they talked about in the movie?


I wonder why the pliers were on the rear brakes of the Neal’s maroon car. It means that it either WAS Kevin, or someone is very elaborately setting him up to ruin his life. A lot of my thoughts honestly pointed to the mother possibly covering it up.

What do you did you know before this movie that you now understand better? or now understand?


I now understand better how they use insects in determining time of death. The life cycles of the insects found on the body are what help determine the time of death. I also now know that a decomposing body will emit odors in different stages

What new thing(s) did you learn from watching this movie?


I learned that the smell of decomposing bodies comes in different stages which can be used to determine the time of death. I didn’t know how frequently investigations turn to entomology and the odor of corpses to decipher details of the crime.

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