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Four Corners Activity

Before the activity I didn’t really think about anyone having access to your genes except for yourself and your doctor, however after the discussion I realized there were many troubling things about sharing your genes. For starters if you have the ability to develop some type of disease you could face discrimination, whether it be in the workforce or in your social life. Secondly your insurance company could treat you unfairly by jacking up your rates. What is also slightly controversial is your family’s involvement, since you share the same genes it means not only have you been diagnosed but your whole family may be diagnosed as well and for some people they may not want to know.

The most difficult part of this ethic conversation would have to be when relationships are involved, especially romantic relationships. I personally would not want to become attached to someone who I know would be ripped away from me and my children might have the same fate happen to them and their loved ones. Though it may sound cruel to turn someone away who is a beautiful person on the inside it saves myself from being heartbroken later.


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