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My piece shows a dog, jumping from a nice, bright and sunny world, into a world where everything is dead and the sky is dark and cloudy. I did this because I wanted to show just how the world is dying and everything is going black. I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that not only is global climate change affecting humans, but the world and tons of animals, even the house we keep as pets. I’m hoping this piece might change peoples minds and bring them a new thing to think about.

I wanted to make my artwork about the subject of animals because of how much people, including myself, care more for animals, and want to help them no matter. Many people have an attachment to an animal, whether that be a pet, or an animal they may sponsor a wild animal, or maybe, they want to help animals in the future, so my piece can give those animal lovers some food for thought.

I chose to use watercolors on my piece because the ice melting is making more and more water, and I wanted to sort of hint to it in my piece.

If i could, i would change my artwork to have more animals jumping and changing through the two worlds.

I feel like my artwork conveys emotions of worry, distress and sadness, as it represents a dog, a beloved household pet for many, falling grimly to the world’s quickly changing ways.

I learned that the world is changing is too fast for animals to properly adapt, which will result in the death of many species.

All together, I want my piece to make people think about their choices and about the animals we as a whole are affecting.

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