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Kids Should Not Have Homework

Kids should not have homework because they should play outside and they already do to much work in school.  This makes me feel that kids should not have homework and do more stuff like sports.

One reason that kids should not have homework is that they should play outside. For example, kids will get fresh air and excersize playing outside but not if they are inside doing homework. Also kids do not want to sit at a table just doing homework every night because it gets boring. This shows that kids should play outside instead of doing homework.

Another reason that kids should not have homework is because  they already do too much work in school. For example, kids do math, reading, writing, spelling, science, and social studies.  Kids brains are tired and when they get home they say, “oh man we have  to do homework.” This proves that kids do a lot of homework.  Also, kids should not have homework because you already do work in school and they only get one brake and that is lunch and recess.  That makes me think that kids should not have homework.  

Teachers should stop giving out homework.  Don’t you see now why kids should not have homework?  


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2 thoughts on “Kids Should Not Have Homework”

  1. Cole, that was an awesome piece of writing and do not worry you are not alone my brain does get tired after school and again awesome writing

  2. Mom thinks that homework is important. However I’m sure we could brainstorm ways to incorporate what you are learning into other activities beyond sitting at the table being “bored” doing homework.

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