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What Darwin Didn’t Know

Reflect on what stood out in your mind about this movie – what is something new that you learned?  What is something that you kind of knew about, but now it makes much more sense to you?  What did they do in the movie that helped you understand these concepts better?  What is still confusing? or newly confusing because you just learned it?!

After watching the movie What Darwin Didn’t Know I was very interested in the new technologies that were being created and used to map the human genome and allow scientists to find the different genes of certain species. Scientists are finding new relations between species and debunking old ideas with their new data. I not only found the movie interesting, but also informative. I learned a number of things including the fact that scientists are now able to add genes to embryos of different species and mark them with a dye to track where the gene is being used in the organism. Before the movie I knew a bit about mutation and the law of survival of the fittest. After the movie I understood more on how the mutations worked and that they are not only new amino acids being added to the DNA but they can also be pieces taken out or even just pieces being turned on or off by other parts of the DNA. The sections of the movie that helped me to better understand these concepts were for example when they talked about a section of muscle in human DNA that was missing from their ancestor the ape. This allowed human brain growth, due to the fact that the jaw bone did not inhibit the separation of the skull plates. Some parts of the movie still confused me. A for example when they were talking about the breeding of dogs I was confused on how how they did that and whether dogs were different species. Also how animals because separate species like the finch that Darwin found on the islands. Did the biology of the birds change in one generation? Where they one generation able to mate and the next they were not of did it somehow happen over time?

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