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7th Grade Poetry Portfolio: Reflection


Dear Ms. Maio,

I consider either my villanelle or my ekphrastic poem to be my best.  I consider my villanelle to be one of my best because I was able to take full advantage of this poem form.  By this I mean that I took advantage of the repeating lines having the theme of each stanza somewhat relate to the repeated line.   I also personally like my ekphrastic poem because it takes an insightful look into the artwork.  As I quote “But to those who knew her, – who did she become?”.  I feel that this along with the rest of the poem make it unique and insightful.

Considering what I liked about my ekphrastic poem, it being insightful and somewhat complex.  I feel by comparison it makes my couplet poem seem, at least in my eyes particularly crude or childish.  so if I were to revise it I Would make it a littlle more elegant.

I find that writing poetry has greatly impacted how I write and think about writing.  Poetry and the art of it, before doing this unit would often times completely confuse me.  I would have no idea what I was doing when reading or writing poetry.  I was a purely prose writer and when i writed I did not want my reader to see or hear the words, I wanted them to expierence the story I was telling.  Poetry on the other hand is made to be looked at and heard,  the sound is crucial.  At the beginning of this unit I was a newcomer to the world of poetry, I had never even heard of my poet.  Now I have a deep respect for poets and their craft.


                                      May the force be with you,

Christine M. Spinosa

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