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My Collaborative Mystery Writing: Mr. Linden’s Library

It was late at night in a teenager’s apartment. Her name is Beatrice and she has beautiful blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She also has a wonderful British accent. The next morning she went to Mr. Linden’s library to check out a book that she has wanted all her life, Jack and the Beanstalk. As she asked Mr. Linden for the book he said “No”. “Why not?” Beatrice asked. “Because” said Mr. Linden “Whoever has checked out the book has never been seen again. So I can’t allow you to check out this book. People say it has a curse!”. But that didn’t stop her from figuring out how to get her hands on that book!

That night she kept thinking about the book. “I have to get the book no matter what Mr. Linden says,” Beatrice thought. The next morning she made a game plan on how she is going to get the book from Mr. Linden. She would wait till he left the library, then she would sneak in and take the book and make a run for it! It was 9:00pm and Beatrice was behind a bush at the library. As soon as Mr. Lindon went out of sight, Beatrice headed in. The library was dark and a little scary too. Beatrice got the shivers because Mr. Linden turned the heat off before he left.

Meanwhile Beatrice could not find the book. She had looked everywhere. She even looked behind Mr. Linden’s desk. She could not find that book. Then Beatrice thought, “Could Mr. Linden have thrown the book away?” So off Beatrice went looking through every trash can in the library. Then as she was looking through the trash can behind Mr. Linden’s desk she found this huge dusty book. As she brushed off the book, she found out that the book she was holding in her hands was the book she was looking for. Beatrice knew that no one checked out the book for a long time. The book was dusty and it was starting to rip.

Then Beatrice heard a car door shut. As she carefully looked out the window, she saw Mr. Linden heading towards the library door. Beatrice grabbed the book and ran into the children’s room to hide. As Mr. Linden walked in, she realized that there was a back door in the children’s room. Then she made a big risk of going out the back door. Beatrice prayed that Mr. Linden wouldn’t catch her. Before Beatrice knew it, she was sprinting back to her apartment with the book in her hand.

When Beatrice got to her apartment the first thing she did was lock the door and close the blinds. Finally, she got in her pajamas and read the book. As she opened the book she started to read as she finished reading the first page she was too tired to read any more. Then all of a sudden a big gust of wind filled the room. Vines were wrapping around Beatrice’s hands. She was still asleep, until she heard a loud BANG!!!!! When she woke up she wasn’t in her apartment. Beatrice was scared she didn’t know what to do until she found other people walking around her crying. Then Beatrice asked them “Where am I?” and they all told her “You’re in a lava dimension.The book has taken us all here.” He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late. “We have to get out of here!” Beatrice said.

“I’m afraid there is no way out!” an old man said. “Well, then I will get us out.” Beatrice said. “Where is the book?” She asked. “It is hidden,” the old man said. Beatrice said that she should have listened to Mr. Linden. Then Beatrice came up with a plan. “I know where the book is,” Beatrice said. “Where?” They all asked. “Behind a rock. That is the only thing on here besides the lava,” she said.

Before you could blink, she was off looking for the book until she found it. Then they all asked her, “We found the book, but how are we going to get out?” Beatrice replied, “When we go to sleep we will put the book in the middle of us and we will hopefully end up at our houses and I will burn the book so this won’t happen again.” So that night when they all went to sleep the book was in the middle of them and then a big gust of wind filled the dimension and vines wrapped around them. They were all asleep until they heard a loud BANG!!!!! They all woke up in their houses.

That night Beatrice made a fire in her fire place and she threw the book in the fire so no one would end up in the dimension. But if she ever found another book that did the same thing, Beatrice would get the book and get anyone trapped out. From that day on, Beatrice was asked “If any one goes missing will you check the dimension?” “ I will be delighted to,” she said. And from that day on Beatrice was known as a HERO for saving all of the people that were trapped in the lava dimension!!!!!!!!!

The End

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