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Let’s Recap

Let’s Recap on what we learned today.  What an awesome and engaging video

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Let’s Recap

 reflection tool for any student or group.  Got questions?  Want to know what your students know or think about a topic?  Simply set up an account, create a class, add your questions and share the recap class pin with your class.

Recently, I was introduced to this tool and I’m in love.  I’m so excited to share it with you.  Some of the reasons why I’m a fan ….

It’s easy to use,

It’s engaging,

It can be shared… or not,

It works for any content area or age, and

It’s free, 

Check out the Let’s Recap team video below to learn a little more about this web-based tool.  So how easy is it?  I set up my account and a pseudo class of 12 students in less than 5 minutes.  We tested Let’s Recap in one of Senorita Liebold’s Spanish classes with students that finished their work.  Within minutes these students installed the app on their phones and accessed the class using the class pin.  No worries if you don’t have smart phones, any web based tool that has a camera will work.  Desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks are also options.  Afterwards we viewed the individual responses before previewing the Daily Review Reel.  The Daily Review Reel stitches the responses together by question so you can see all of the responses to question 1 before viewing question 2, etc.  It also adds a border and some music to boot.  Don’t worry if the music and graphics are not to your liking.  You can remove these and even customize specific responses sharing only a portion of the class responses if you do not want or need to include them all.  To get started you will need to…

set up an account,

add a class,

add students,

create a recap, or two, or three,….

add your question(s), and 

share the class pin.

Once the class is set up and a recap added, you could share the self-generated URL and the class code for students access.  Students could use any digital communication tool they would like to respond provided it has a camera.

Once the recaps are complete, the teacher can choose with whom they wish to share the recap.   When it is time to share, select specific students or leave the reel as is and share responses from the entire class.  Reels can be shared to a select audience like parents or staff, previewed in class to reflect or create discussion, added to a student ePortfolio, and however else you .  Tell us how you might use or have used this awesome tool in your classroom.  

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