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Technovation 2016 is Coming!

Technovation is around the corner and the Mass Ed Foundation and I are excited!  Check out the program of events in the works to help kick off 2016, the biggest and best Technovation season EVER!!

Let’s Go CRUSADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the calendar of events:

Kickoff – December 5, 2015 @ Microsoft NERD
Workshop: App Inventor Deep Dive – January 30, 2016 @ MIT
Workshop: Business Plans & Pitches – Feb/Mar 2016 (tbd) @ Google (we hope)
Showcase – May 2016 (date tbd) @ Microsoft NERD

Rachel and the Ed Foundation have decided to try something new – move the Kickoff to CS EdWeek so everyone starts thinking about Technovation earlier, and they can even plan over the Winter Break.

Registration for the Kickoff is now open: tv2016-kickoff

However, the usual January event is a good time to meet and make sure everyone is getting registered. Now that date has a NEW event – an App Inventor Deep Dive Workshop hosted at MIT and given by the people WHO CREATED APP INVENTOR!

For this Workshop, I will be querying you about some of the problems you had coding your projects last year. Even if you found a solution, it’ll be great to share tricky problems with others. But if you didn’t solve the problem, or you’d like to know if it could be solved better, that’s GREAT material for this Workshop. I’ll have more info on that later.

Those who attended the Business Plan & Pitch Workshop last year thought it was AWESOME, so we’re doing it again. Date and location will be determined as we get into the program next year, and I hope we can have it at Google again too.

And of course… there’s the Finale & Showcase. We expect it to be so big this year that we are planning for TWO floors at NERD – one for posterboards and one for the pitches. This date will be determined in relation to the final submission deadline.

Speaking of registration… official registration for Technovation is already open for 2016. This year there’s no drop-dead deadline (thank goodness!) – but everyone is encouraged to register as early as possible.

Feel free to contact Rachel with any questions.

Rachel T. Nicoll
Project Manager
MassTLC Education Foundation |
c (213) 709-9924

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