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The Hour of Code – 2014

The Hour of Code is a global initiative to expose k-12 students to computer science through a series of programming applications both on and off line.  This year our ECS, Exploring Computer Science, students as well as students that helped out the year before acted as ambassadors, traveling to four middle and elementary schools combined to assist with coding activities.  The GDRSD Tech Team worked together to build the schedule and activities that would be presented at each school.  Our ambassadors began at the middle school where they worked together in the Science classrooms sharing activities like Scratch, Angry Birds, Light Bot, and more.  After the first block, one high school student remained in each of the middle school Science rooms to further assist with the activities while the rest split up.  The remaining ambassadors, traveled to both elementary schools to help with Angry Birds, Light Bot, Relay Programming and other unplugged activities.  Needless to say, the younger students adored them!  Our ambassadors did a great job!

When these activities commenced, the student ambassadors returned to the high school for a quick lunch that included a demonstration by iRobot staff before breaking out into classrooms at the high school to continue sharing the coding love.  Staff and students led a variety of activities throughout the school.  Several unplugged activities took place in the gym, Relay Programming, My Robotic Friends, and Treasure Hunt.  Prior to running these programs students worked in small groups to test and modify these activities so that they were age appropriate.  High school students signed up in advance for the unplugged activities or one of many others that took place in the computer labs, library, and other more traditional Chromebooks.

We can’t wait to do it again next year!



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