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Professional Goal – Co-Present at Technology Conferences

LucidPress is an awesome online tool for creating professional looking magazines, brochures, business cards, and much more.  It’s free for teachers.  I’ll admit it, I like cheap and free!  You can create free accounts for your students as well.  Another added bonus, LucidPress integrates with Google so students, staff, anyone with a Google account, that means us, can collaborate with others to showcase beautiful pieces to highlight what they are learning about in school.  Take a look at our LucidPress webpage that we made with Weebly.  Be sure to peruse some of the examples on our Weebly page or look below to view the page we are building for this year’s Professional Goal.  Stay tuned for an upcoming Google Hangout on LucidPress!

Some ways that you can learn more about this awesome tool:

contact Jeannie or I,
take a look at the resources posted above,
stop by for Tech Tuesday or Thursday LucidPress session,
search for some YouTube tutorials, or
Google it!

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Passionate educator and Google Certified Trainer interested in technology integration and computer science. Chosen to participate in the 100 Teacher Meeting, a national computer science award offered by NCWIT and the NSF in 2014.

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