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The Ten Things I Learned in ELA This Year

This year in ELA I learned about everything from understanding poetry to Thesis statements. Over this year I feel that I have grown a lot with my writing and reading abilities. All these skills that I have learned I feel will really help me throughout the rest of middle school and even High school education. Also these skills have even helped me grow in to a better student and a better person because I now have a better understanding of how the world works. Some of the things that helped me grow were:

  • Descriptive¬†Writing
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Mood & Tone
  • Topic Sentences
  • Thesis Statements
  • Writing Eye-Catching Introductions
  • Writing a Strong Argument
  • Scripts and Theatrical Writings
  • Writing a Strong Essay
  • Working in a Group with Other People

All of these things have helped me so much and I can owe it to my teacher, Mrs. Leung. She was the one who helped me grow into a better student and person. If Mrs. Leung wasn’t here to help me grow I don’t think I could have been on this journey myself. So, I would love to thank Mrs. Leung for all that she has helped me done and accomplished by helping me learn all about ELA and the world I live in.

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