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Do you want to get in a world of imagination? Do you want to fill your mind with  funny characters?  Do you want your school work to be easy? Then you should read a book. I think that more kids should do more reading because you can read anytime, you can’t do school work without it, and that you will never run out of books to read.

One reason that kids should do more reading is because you can read anytime you want. You can read before you go to bed, you can read on a plane, or you can read when you just plain bored. This proves that you can read anytime. One day after school I had nothing to do. It was too dark to play outside and my sister was working on a project for school. I looked around for something to do. I ran to my room. I saw the book that I was reading yesterday. I picked it up and started reading. An hour later my mom walked in and I was laying on my bed sleeping. Time goes by fast when you’re reading a good book.

Another reason  that kids should do more reading because you can’t do school work. You have to read the word problems in math, you have to read your writing to revise, and you need to read to study for a quiz. One time in 1st grade my friend was having trouble reading the problem in math. He couldn’t get any of the problems done. He raised his hand and they read it together and he got it done. It is important for kids to read more cause you can’t get anything done in school if you don’t know how to read.

And the final reason that kids should do more reading is that you will never run out of books to read. Did you know that  there are over 130 million books in the world? That’s a lot of books! Every time I finish a good series book I am sad because there’s no more and I have to leave that character  but I always find a new series. If you don’t like Harry Potter, you can read action and superhero books instead and if you don’t like those, there is a lot more books that you can read.

People should care about this because it’s important for  kids to know how to read when they get older. But I bet you’re waiting to go to the library to get a great book. I know I’m going.  I got to go. There’s a book at the library calling my name. “Bye”.


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12 thoughts on “Read!”

      1. I agree with you Anthony, kids should read books , they can learn a lot by reading books they also can discover the world by reading .

  1. This was an excellent argument supporting the importance of reading. Thank you for sharing it. Based on your suggestions and ideas, I think I’m going to do some more reading tonight!

  2. Great job, Anthony. I am a huge fan of reading and I love books much better than a Kindle. I just started Harry Potter (first book) and I am already a fan.

    I hope you never lose the joy of reading. Sheila

  3. I enjoyed reading your essay, that’s another reason why kids should read, so you can read other people words and thoughts.. Reading is also away for kids to escape and imagine and dream. Keep reading Anthony, you did a good job

  4. Anthony,
    I agree that reading is very important. It is something we do for our entire lives. Your essay inspired me to want to pick up a book and explore a new adventure. I am very proud of you. I hope your love for reading lasts a lifetime.
    Love you much!
    Cousin/Aunt Kelly

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