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Gender Linked Traits


The above is an example of a pedigree tree Eleanor’s family, with the colorblindness, hemophilia A, and brown teeth mutations present. From this tree, it shows Eleanor carries the colorblindness and Hemophilia gene from her blood relatives, though is not affected by it herself. Both are sexed linked, and it is up to the father, Garvey, to see which will be passed down. This is because Garvey has an X and a Y chromosome, either of which will be passed down to determine the gender of their next child.

Another son would have a 50% chance of either color blindness or hemophilia, but not both, since a son only has one X chromosome passed from the mother. A son would have a 0% chance of inheriting brown teeth, since the X passed down from the father is non-existent and it is instead a Y. A daughter, on the other hand, has a 100% chance of inheriting brown teeth like her father, but unlike Garvey, it is less severe. A daughter has a 0% chance of inheriting color blindness or hemophilia because of her second X chromosome, and instead is a carrier.

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