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Fear–A Questioning Poem

This was another assignment from my English class of 7th grade, and this was the choice part of it. This poem was made completely from scratch. This poem speaks numbers to me and to my questions about life, and it may to you too. So this is my poem about fear. Enjoy!




I have questions for you.

I need to know the answers.

I want to know who you are,

and why you must exist.


What is your true purpose?

What is the key?

What must we do in order to

set ourselves free?


You hold us back with chains of steel,

laughing as we struggle,

and simply we must ignore you’re there,

it isn’t worth the trouble.


You can’t ignore chains,

they’ll stay forever more.

Unless you can break them,

you’ll be encased in chains galore.


So fear, even if I’m asking,

I know you can’t answer

my questions.

So I’m going to answer them

for myself.


Right here, right now.