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Dear Mrs. Weeks,

    Do you want to hear all about my favorite hobby?  

   I love baseball. I played a game on         April 26, 2o15.  We won 5 to 4.  We played Pepperell.  I hit a homerun in a row.  I really wanted to be the pitcher and I have never pitched befor.  My team’s name is The Mighty Ducks. I like that name and I have a baseball game on May 1, 2015.


I have some questions!   What school did you go to? Do you like math?  I love math.  It is my favorite thing to do in school.


 I play soccer and I had a game on April 29,2015. I won in soccer. I got two goals.  The score was 4 to 1 !

  I can’t wait to meet you.  I will see you at the tea.

      Do you know Mrs. Harper?  She goes to Florence Roche to help kids!

   Thanks for being my pen pal!

    I am so excited about the tea! I can’t wait to get your next letter.  See you on May 29, 2015!


Goodbye See YOU There!!!!!


Nasta Koyutis

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