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Leaves Falling


Artist statement
By: Allegra Gutermann

The setting of my artwork is a big t maple tree on top of a grassy hill. There is a boy leaning on the maple tree. It is around the fall time in my painting. The title of my work is “Leaves Falling.” I created my artwork with a variety of colored paints. I used a sponge to create the texture of the tree.
My artwork was inspired by fall, and I feel like someone could relate to the story behind my painting. In my painting, I tried showing sadness but also hope.
I feel like this piece helped me achieve my goal because my goal was to use more techniques and to create texture and depth. I still have a lot of work to do to accomplish my goal but I am going in the right direction.
While painting my piece I learned how gentle and careful you have to be when painting. My final piece was not what I was hoping for, It was very difficult to paint very small details without a small brush (I had to use a toothpick.) My project did not look like I wanted it too because I also did not have the correct colors.