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Alicia Barbon – Bossing Brother Around Jump start 2020


Bossing Brother Around

By: A.V.B

As my brother and I came home from school we went to do our homework. After  20 minutes passed. I have finished my long writing piece that I didn’t finish in class that day. As I came walking up the stairs as they squeaked.I heard a sound of this dropping on the floor coming from my brother’s bedroom. “What happened?” I thought to myself. “Did he fall out of his chair or something?” I opened the white wooden door to my brother’s room. 

I walked into his room. He was sitting at his desk with his homework spread out and a picture book in his lap. I noticed the book he was supposed to be reading for school was on a chair by the door.

I noticed that he was looking at a blank lined piece of paper and looking at the pictures in the books. I began by saying “ You are supposed to be reading and doing your work.” I started to raise my voice at him because I was frustrated with him since he is supposed to be doing his work. I walked over to the brown desk that he was sitting at and took the blank piece of paper that is in front of him. 

As I was doing  that he began to take the piece of paper out of my hand. 

I say “ Why weren’t you doing your thing like you were supposed to?” 

He began by saying “ Why do you want to know?”

I replied by saying “ I know for a fact that our parents would be asking the same question as I just did.” He looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. 

Then he said, “ You aren’t the boss of me! sobbing. 

As he was looking at me and saw that I was grabbing the blue covered book out of his hand. He let go of the book and I put it on his bed. Then I took the paper and began by ripping it. His face started to turn bright red. He raised his shoulders and clinched his hand making them into two fists. I could see that there were tears in his eyes as I was ripping the paper in half.  

Then he said, “ Stop!”

I stopped ripping the paper. I now felt bad about what I was doing to him.

Our babysitter is walking up the stairs that lead to the second story of our house. She walks through the doorway and into my brother’s room. As she walked through the doorway, her confusion deepened into a frown. 

She said “ What is all the yelling? Why are you crying?”  

After a little bit of talking we both got corrected after we both said our sides of the story. I left the room and went back to my bedroom. I don’t know what my brother did next, but I felt nervous. I wondered what my parents would say when they got home. 

When my parents got home from the long day at work. We sat at the dining room table. “ What happened today?” my dad asked. I began by saying I was walking up the stairs and saw that he wasn’t doing his work. Then my brother began by saying that I didn’t knock on the door like I was supposed to. After about 20-30 minutes we apologized to one another. Then we all got into the black fancy car and went out to eat. 

When I think about that day, it reminders me that I don’t have to take care of him anymore. My parents can handle that and I can do what a kid is supposed to do at that age. That is a big relief for me. But it isn’t exactly easy to let go.