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Fingerprint Reflection

You have had a couple of experiences with fingerprinting, what do you think?  Do you agree that fingerprints are a good identifier of someone?  Was it easy to leave fingerprints on objects? Was it easy to locate and lift fingerpirnts?  What did this unit demonstrate/teach you about evidence collection?

I think that fingerprinting is a hard, meticulous, and messy process. But despite this I also found it to be both an intriguing and fun process. It was interesting to see the prints appear on the glass after I had ever so lightly dusted them, and then to think that by doing this people could solve crimes is amazing. I agree that fingerprints are a good identifier of someone. Everyone has 10 unique prints that no one else in the world has. This in addition to the fact that the FBI and other crime solving bureaus have access to a massive database of fingerprints to find matches makes it a great way to solve crimes. I personally found it fairly easy to lift the fingerprints from the glass.

Digital-Fingerprint-Ashford-University (1)

They quickly got lifted from the glass to the tape. Lastly this unit taught me not only the importance of fingerprints in the forensics world, but also the fact that this is a career path I could get into later in life and that I do not have to be like Sherlock Holmes to have a job in criminal science.

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