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Persuasive Essay


Dear Dr. Katie Novak.

Have you ever stayed up all night doing your homework? Well I have and it stinks. Once I even fell asleep doing my homework.  Teachers should not give out homework to kids.

One reason that teachers should not give out homework to kids is that the kids learn all the stuff in school.  For example, you learn so much stuff in school like math, reading, spelling, science and there is more than that.  This shows that teachers should not give out homework.  Also, you learn all the stuff in school then you have to do it at home and you forget how to do it.  That is why teachers should not give out homework.

Another reason, that teachers should not give out homework is that the kids need to play outside.  For example, one time I was doing my homework and I was done at 5:00 and the sun was about to go down and I did not get to go outside.  Also, my friend wanted to play with me and my mom said, “No, you have to finish your homework.”  That is why teachers should not give out homework to kids.

Don’t you see now that kids should not have homework? They should have more time to play outside so make kids have no homework.


Adam F
Grade 4
Swallow Union School

6 thoughts on “Persuasive Essay”

    1. It’s true hw is not always fun.
      So if you get real good it doesn’t take as long. Keep learning, thinking, imagining. Who knows one day you may miss having hw. And isn’t it nice when you do good on a test and all that hw paid off. Summer is near.

  1. Hi Adam! Great job on your essay! I think it would be great if kids had less homework and were able to have more free time outside to get all your energy out from being in school all day. Can’t wait to read your next essay! Love Mom

  2. Hey Adam , I agree that you do need play time outside …. But home work and school projects , and your sports take up a good amount of your time . You need to find a way to balance everything , which is difficult when you have so much to try and fit in with so little time …. Hopefully with daylight savings time coming you will have time to add in some outside play time too! Great writing ! Love you Grammie xoxo

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