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Life Under the Sea



Artist Statement

For this piece of artwork I wanted to create something that I was passionate about. That is the ocean and everything in it. I am a supporter of clean oceans that are safe healthy environments for the creatures that live their. The reality is that the oceans are heavily polluted. In my artwork I wanted to show the difference between what a clean and thriving ocean environment looks like compared to a polluted trashed environment where it is not safe for sea creatures to be. On the polluted side I show the effects of human activity and what half of the world’s great blue oceans look like. This piece conveys many emotions ranging from peaceful, calm, and clean. To the gloomy, shocking, and polluted. Through creating this piece of artwork I have learned a lot about how people treat such simple thing and how we can come together to clean up our oceans because we want the good side not the reality of the bad side. I have also learned about what  different countries have done to try and prevent ocean pollution before it is too late.

To create this artwork I used crayon and watercolor paint. I used crayon and shaded it lightly leaving patches of no color. I did this because when I went over it with the blue watercolor it would give the effect that the hand and all of the other sea life and plants where under the water color.

If I could change something about my piece of artwork I would add more plant and animal life. I would also add more to the upper level of the water. I would do this because I feel like there’s not enough going on towards the surface of the water.

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